Life coaching can help you become the person you want to be. However, in order for personal coaching to be successful, you need to open yourself to the experience. You need to prepare your subconscious to accept advice and integrate it into your life.    

Thinking about working with a life coach? Here's how to make the most of it: 

1. Receive advice as constructive tips rather than insults

Some people struggle to take advice. Rather than embracing advice as constructive, functional and useful tips that could change their lives, some people feel insulted or even censured in the face of advice.

Keep in mind advice from a life coach is not an insult to the person you are now. Rather, it is an observation and guidance on how to become the person you want to be.

Look at how you receive advice in your life and modify that process if needed. When working with a life coach, you need to be willing to listen in order to change and improve.

2. Want change

In order to achieve change in your life, you need to want it. For example, you cannot just listen to a life coach tell you to quit smoking, grab a pack of nicotine gum and automatically become a non-smoker when you really don't want to quit. Rather, you have to want that change, and you have to believe it is possible.

3. Visualize yourself obtaining your goals

Pair desire with visualization strategies. See yourself being the person you want to be. See yourself in a new job, at a certain weight, earning the income you want or driving the car of your dreams.

Focusing on what you want and seeing it happen with your mind's eye makes you subconsciously more receptive to the life coaching you are receiving. 

4. Set definitive goals

It is impossible to visualize vague goals such as becoming a nicer person. Instead, if you want to have a successful life coaching experience, work with your personal coach to develop definitive goals that you can visualize and achieve.

Ideally, the first time you meet with your life coach, you should have a list of your goals. Your life coach can help you refine those goals and find paths to meet them.

5. Celebrate small successes

The road to change, even with the help of a life coach, can be hard and tiresome. To keep yourself motivated, celebrate your small successes. Be aware of how far you have to go, but also be thankful about how far you have come.