If you know that your addiction to alcohol or drugs is starting to control your life and you aren't proud of the person that you have become, it's time to take action and to take control of your life again. You don't have to be a victim to these controlling substances and, instead, you can become the person that you always saw yourself as. 

You may not be able to do it on your own and that's alright, there are a lot of different ways you can get help. Here are a few great reliable options to get you started.

Find a Recovery Center

A recovery center has medical staff that can quickly assess you to see what type of treatment you need. You may need to do a short inpatient stay to go through the detox program, or you stay may have to be longer than others. A recovery center allows you to get sober in a safe environment where you can get medical attention, mental help and the support that you need to get through the first phase of your recovery, and to become sober.

Write Down Your Goals

Getting a journal and writing down your goals for sobriety and life may not seem like that big of a deal, but people that write down their goals are about 42 percent more likely to accomplish them. You can change the goals as you meet them, and use a variation of short and long term goals to get where you want to be in your life.

Figure Out a Post Recovery Center Plan

Once you get out of recovery you'll have to start to deal with your addiction in the real world. You want to know where you will do all of your outpatient therapy appointments, what family members and friends are going to support you, and how you're going to stay away from triggers and your addiction. You need to plan how you're going to be successful before you leave.

Beating addiction is something that you can do if you keep an open mind and if you're willing to get help (through professionals such as those from http://www.olalla.org). Once you get through the detox program and you feel you can take control of your own life again, you want to find a support system that will have your back. Take these options into consideration and start your path to sobriety as quickly as you can.