Are you struggling with a drug dependency that you cannot stop? If so, you can seek help for this issue. The best thing you can do is to sign up for a drug addiction treatment program. If you want to continue living at home and working, you might want to choose an outpatient program. Outpatient programs offer effective services without staying at a facility. Here are three vital things to know about these programs.

1. They Must Complete an Initial Intake

When a person decides to seek help for their addiction, they must go through an initial intake at the treatment facility. An intake is an appointment you have with a counselor at the clinic. The counselor asks you a series of questions to determine several things. First, they want to find out what type of addiction you have and the extent of it. They also want to learn things about the length of your addiction, the severity of it, and the types of drugs you use. They will review all your answers to determine if you need help and if they can help you. You must go through this intake before the treatment facility accepts you.

2. You Have to Want to Break the Addiction

Secondly, you must be ready to break your addiction for the services to be effective. People who go to rehabs because someone is forcing them might not see the best results from the treatment. If you are not willingly going to get help, you might relapse once you complete the program. To break an addiction, you have to want to break it. It takes self-will and self-control to stop using drugs or alcohol.

3. You Will Benefit From Ongoing Assistance

The third thing to understand is that you might benefit from ongoing assistance after completing the program. In other words, going through an outpatient program might not be the end of your recovery journey. People who continue seeking help after completing their programs tend to have more effective results. You might want to continue going to meetings at the facility or other places, and you might want to start seeing a counselor each week for guidance and accountability.

Going to an outpatient drug addiction treatment program can change your life if you are ready to give up your addiction. If you would like to learn more about your options, contact a local addiction clinic to learn more about their services.