When you are in recovery from an eating disorder, mental health treatment is just as important as physical treatment. You will need to ensure that you have a solid plan in place to get the best treatment possible for your eating disorder, and this means treating both your body and your mind.

Mental health treatment will be part of your treatment program. This is how many counseling programs approach treatment for eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Treatment Often Begins with Medical Treatment

Medical treatment is often the first step for those living with eating disorders in order to ensure that they are safe to proceed with mental health treatment. This process may involve gaining some weight or getting your weight back to a healthy level. This is when the mental health work can truly begin.

Figure Out Disorder Triggers

Relationships with food and bodies are often linked to familial and generational issues. The triggers you face can be extremely personal, and it is necessary that you explore these triggers with a therapist. This can be an emotional experience, but it can also be incredibly fulfilling.

Understand Your Relationship With Food

Your relationship with food may be dangerous if you seek comfort solely in food. In therapy, you may learn coping skills beyond food. You will learn healthy coping skills that allow you to find focus in other aspects of life.

Understand Your Relationship With Your Body

The relationships people build with their bodies are unique to each individual. Some people have unhealthy relationships with their own bodies due to family issues or trauma. This means that you may benefit from therapy to build a healthier relationship with your body.

Understand Your Relationship With Others

Finally, therapy will help you understand your relationships with others in your life. Family therapy is a great place to explore some of the generational issues that could lead to eating disorder triggers. Fostering healthy relationships can also help you heal other wounds.

Talk to a Counselor to Learn More

Counselors offer a variety of psychological treatment options. Many people benefit from family therapy, whereas others will find that interpersonal psychotherapy is the best option for your symptoms.

Meeting with a therapist or counselor can change things. Even after a few therapy sessions, you should begin to experience a shift. Contact a provider today to begin getting the treatment you deserve so you can experience improved mental health and wellness.